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WAR Goblin Guide Review

goblinguide-blackBloody SunWarhammer Leveling Guide Name:

Goblins Warhammer Online Leveling, Gold & Class Mastery Guide

Rating: Rating 4.5 out of 5



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Bloody SunWhat Does The Mastery Guide Contain:

The Goblin Mastery Guide boasts a well written, impressive and varied selection of guides on almost every aspect of Warhammer Online. A 1-40 leveling guide, Gold Guide, Crafting, RvR, Scenarios, Maps, Links Screenshots and so much more. These guides are delivered to you via instant download, with a first class members area that includes 24hr unlimited customer support, a free members forum where Warhammer Online fans share their tips, tricks and strategies and access to their video guides and strategies. The Goblin Mastery Guide Includes:

  • Order and Destruction 1-40 Leveling and Quest Guide
  • All Areas, Chapters and Tiers Covered
  • Renown 1-80 guide
  • RvR Guide and Scenario Guides
  • Crafting Guide
  • Gold Guide
  • Career Guide
  • Maps, co-ordinates, screenshots and WarDB Links
  • Life Time Regular Free Guide Updates
  • Free 24 Hr Support, Members Area, Forum, Video Guides

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Bloody SunMy Thoughts:

The Goblin Guide is expansive and richly detailed on all aspects of WAR, it is very nicley researched and well written, and simple to use because of it. The leveling guide helps you through their expansive quest know-how (every quest covered) and detailed routes using maps, co-ordinates, screenshots. Helpful hints and tips are dropped in at just the right time along the way.

The Goblin Guide is one of, if not the fastest 1-40 leveling path out there. But it also gets you seeing and enjoying all of Warhammer’s rich content, in a grind free gaming ride through to level 40 in under 3 days (if you so choose). Click for Sample 1 or Sample 2. The Public Quest sections teach some very useful strategies on how to get consistently high contribution scores and better your chances of winning all that sweet loot from the outset.

The RvR Guide is on of my favorite aspects. I’m not saying its best information on RvR there is, but every Warhammer player should read and implement some of these tactics. If they did Warhammers RvR would be a much less frustrating adventure for the newbie experienced players alike. The open RvR, keep raiding and scenario tips and strategies will really help you out in the early stages, maximising shaman-smallyour experience, renown and gear gain, ultimately training you for a more successful and enjoyable Tier 4 experience, Click Here to see a sample. The Renown 1-80 Guide ties in wonderfully with the leveling and RvR guides, and is something quite unique to the Goblin Guide, helping you maximise your Renown gain in any given RvR or Scenario situation you may encounter.

Another one of my favorites is the Career Guide. It covers every single Warhammer Online Career, whether you’re having trouble mastering your chosen class, making the best of your skill sets and mastery paths, it’s all here and very useful reading. The guide also gives you an amazing insight to better understanding your opponents, their tactics skills and flaws. Second guessing and knowing your opponent is the key to victory, and when utilised with the RvR strategies and tactics in the Goblin Guide, you will be kicking butt day-in and day-out in no time. The Goblin career guide delivers tactics, spells, and mastery path strategies, combat tips, and where to concentrate your stats and bonuses for maximum class utility. Its all here and essential reading for all Warhammer players.

The combination of the RvR, Career, Mastery, Renown and Scenario tactics work together beautifully and when used correctly will make you into one hell of a deadly weapon. Excelling your damage, healing or tanking to it’s full potential. You and your realm mates will be forever grateful.

The Goblin Gold Guide, while not being the best stand alone Warhammer gold making guide out there, is an impressive addition (you can even watch this on video). You can implement the strategies taught here from your very 1st moment in WAR and amass a serious bag of gold through simple auction house and item management. WAR is not particularly difficult to build gold without this guide as long as you play the game to it’s fullest and master your trade skills, however everyone should use the tips listed in here because the ease of use and gold making potential is too good to miss. Especially since it’s included as part of the goblin guide anyway.

This brings me onto the crafting guide. A lovely little package that really helps leveling your trade-skills along. I know personally, that some of the WAR trade-skills can become a bit of a chore to level. This crafting guide steps in and helps by showing you where to go, what to use, what items do and convert into what, all without a lot of grinding and frustration. Giving you an easy crafting path for ALL of the WAR trade-skills.

Overall the Goblin Guide is an absolute stormer of a guide, and my ultimate recommendation for the definitive Warhammer Leveling and Complete Strategy Guide. It is the most comprehensive and expansive of all the guides available, the information supplied is expertly sourced and updated regularly enough to keep up with every new patch. The real clincher for me is the free life membership, lifetime guide updates, members area, forum, 24 hour support and video guides.

When you throw everything in; the easy to follow 1-40 guides, all chapters, areas and tiers covered, the quest walkthroughs and gold guides, the RvR, Scenario and Class Guides you have a wicked package for an amazing $37.00 (still cheaper than most of the leveling only guides). The culmination of these factors is why this is my highest scoring Warhammer Guide at 4.5/5.

Important Waring: The Goblin Guide is currently outdated and many of the functions in the members area do not work. I suggest you stay clear until it has been updated. However I strongly suggest you look at my killer guides review (click here). Killer guides are widely respected and all their guides are constantly upto date and relevant.



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