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The WAR Killer Guide Review

killer-guide-to-warhammer-onlineBloody SunWarhammer Leveling Guide Name: Killer Guide To Warhammer Online


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Rating: Rating 4 out of 5

Bloody SunWhat Does The Warhammer Killer Guide Contains:

The Killer Guide to Warhammer Online costs $29.99, which is very reasonable considering the number of different aspects and areas of WAR covered. There is a “complete guide” on offer for $79.99 but that only includes 6 extra career specific guides. One for the Bright Wizard, Squig Herder, Chosen, Marauder, Sorcerer and Witch Hunters. I would advise sticking to the standard $29.99 package. The standard Killer Guide package still gives you a pretty comprehensive guide to most areas of Warhammer online. Leveling tips, strategies and tactics guide for both Order and Destruction, Quest Walk-throughs, RvR tactics and strategies, basic Scenarios Guide, Gold Guide, Class Essentials Guide, Equipment Guide and Mastery Builds Guide. All the guides are quite well written, have an acceptable look and feel, and are delivered to you via instant download with free lifetime updates. Specifically The Killer Guide To Warhammer Online Includes:

  • Order and Destruction 1-40 Leveling Tips and Strategies
  • Quest Walk-throughs
  • All Areas, Chapters and Tiers Covered
  • RvR Guide and Scenario Strategies
  • Mastery Build Guide
  • Class Essentials Guide
  • Gold Guide
  • Equipment Guide
  • Basic Crafting Guide
  • Life Time Free Guide Updates

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Bloody SunMy Thoughts:

The Warhammer Killer Guide, although detailed and expansive, is somewhat harder to use and follow than than the other top performers; the Goblin Mastery and Ashling’s guide. The leveling and quest walk throughs are not detailed in a step-by-step manner. All quests, tiers and areas are covered but they are arranged in more of a database type set up. Where you look up the quest you’re on, and Killers then show you step-by-step how it’s completed (i.e. you are not told start here at this area, pick up these quests, go here and complete quests from point 1,2, 3 etc). However they do give you some nice very strategies and tips everyone will can use to speed up their leveling process.

OrcThe thing I really like about the WAR killer guide is its excellent culmination of class, equipment and mastery guides that forms more than the sum of its parts. Together they create a special little package for beginners to WAR or MMO’s, even more experienced players will gain some valuable insights here. Firstly, the class guide does a nice job on covering topics like which equipment selections are best suited to your career and mastery path choices, or what stats you should be concentrating on in order to maximise your damage, healing or tanking potential. The equipment guide ties in very nicely with this. Showing you where, and how, to get all the elite gear with the best stats and bonuses for your career, play style or mastery build. The last, but not least, is the Mastery Guide. This gives you a range of builds for each career and mastery path, teaching you how to excel with your chosen skills and tactics.

The RvR and Scenario Guide has some neat insights on how the top performing RvR players use their character and career. Some of these simple tactics and strategies are easily adopted and will make a huge difference if you struggle in RvR. Find out how to combat the enemy in order to negate their skills and tactics, increase your Renown Rank gain and generally perform well on the battlefield.

A neat little bonus is the gold making and Tome of Knowledge unlock sections. The Tome section is great for all those “gotta get em all” types out there. The gold making section has tips on everything from buying and selling, crafting, farming and auction house play. They can be easily adopted by the casual or hardcore gamer alike for a constant supply of gold.

Overall this is a very good Warhammer strategy guide more than a leveling guide (this is a good thing in my opinion). The leading benefit being Killers well sourced and regularly updated class, equipment, mastery and RvR guides. These work well when used together and will help all but the most advanced WAR player. When you throw in the chapters, areas and tiers covered, the quest walk-throughs and gold guides, you have a very nice little package for a small sum of $29.99.

Important: Considering the fact the goblin guide is currently out of date and broken Killer Guides offering is by far the number 1 choice. Killer Guides are a respected MMO guide company for every major MMO available, and guarantee all information is upto date and relevant. Anyone who gets the Warhammer Killer Guide won’t be disappointed.

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