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Warhammer Elite Guide Review

Steve's Elite Warhammer Leveling GuideBloody SunWarhammer Online Guide Name:

Warhammer Elite: Blueprint to Powerleveling

Rating: Rating 2.5 out of 5

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Bloody SunWhat Does Warhammer Elite Contain:

Warhammer Elite is only an Order and Destruction 1-40 leveling Guide. A step-by-step guide with crystal clear instructions covering all races, tiers, chapters and quests. The guide is delivered to you via instant download, through a members area with 24hr unlimited customer support and life time guide updates.

Warhammer Elite Guide Includes:

  • A Clear and Precise Order and Destruction 1-40 Leveling Guide
  • All Areas, Chapters, Quests and Tiers Covered
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Maps, co-ordinates and screenshots
  • WarDB Links for all items and quests
  • Life Time Free Guide Updates
  • Free 24 Hr Support and Members Area

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Bloody SunMy Thoughts:

The Warhammer Elite Guide is does have a nice writing and leveling style, with a fun and enjoyable path straight to 40. The leveling path is made crystal clear through the use of detailed step-by-step instructions, maps, screenshots, links, and hints and tips along the way. Giving you an average leveling time of about 8 days. However this is not so great when you consider the $37.00 cost, the guide is not kept up-to date often enough, the website still lists the guide as based on live game version 1.0 (which is basically just following live beta), and you can get much, much faster or more comprehensive guides for the same price or cheaper.

I also have to add that 8 days for a specific Warhammer Powerleveling Guide is not that hot. My first toon started in the “Early Start Week” was at level 40 in under 7 days, that is without any help, tips or guides. My subsequent alts are easily to 40 in 5-6 days without any grind using a simple formula. Warhammer Online is the easiest to level Orc ShamanMMO I have played, and I’ve spilled everything I know about leveling 1-40 in Warhammer in my Free WAR Leveling Guide. Click Here.

When you consider Fantom’s Leveling Guide takes you 1-40 in 2-3 days, and my free guide will get you there in 6, you can see Warhammer Elite is just not a viable option. Especially when you get nothing extra in terms of RvR, Scenario, gold, equipment or mastery guides as you do in Goblin’s, Ashlings or Killer Guides efforts.

My advice is: if you’re are looking the fastest 1-40 guide then you have go with Fantom’s. But personally I would give my free Warhammer guide a test run 1st and see how you go. It should be all you need for a fun, grind free leveling path, without missing the best WAR has to offer.

However if you’re are looking for a expansive and comprehensive guide to Warhammer, covering all the many different aspects (RvR, Scenarios, Gold Making, Crafting, etc) then Goblin’s would be my 1st choice, followed by Ashling’s then Killers.

Of course the Warhammer Elite Guide is well written, and you can see a hell of a lot of research and effort went into putting it together. The maps, screenshots, tips and links took some time to collaborate, even the leveling path is fun and enjoyable but, the leveling guide on its own is just not enough to warrant my recommendation. If it was supported with extra guides or content Warhammer Elite would have scored much better, however as it stands there are much more suitable WAR Guides out there.



exactly where you need to go, who you need to talk to, what quests to do and not

to do, what to kill, and what items to get and how many you need


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