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Buying A Warhammer Online Guide?

Bloody SunWho Should Buy A Warhammer Online Guide? Do you really need to buy a guide to leveling and playing in WAR.

A tough one, but my advice is…

If your new to MMO’s or just a newbie on Warhammer Online take a look at my free leveling guide before anything else. It will give you an easy way to level your character, Renown Rank and Crafting Rank without any grind. It is not a step-by-step, point A-to-B guide as I feel you should not be on auto-pilot but should enjoy the great content and fun WAR has to offer.

Bloody SunWarhammer Online is a very easy MMO to pick up and play, the leveling process is reasonably short and grind free as-long as you take part in all of WAR’s different ways to gain experience and rewards. That means questing, RvR, Public Quests, Scenarios, Lairs, Dungeons and Live Events.

If you really, really can’t wait and want a head start with all the insider info from the outset. Make sure you don’t just speed your way through the levels the fastest possible way without taking your to time to enjoy the game and each tier.

I can’t stress it enough, please, please enjoy the game first, it is well worth it.

If you struggle finding enough time to play Warhammer but still want to level fast and was considering getting a guide, again try my free ones first, it may be all you need.

Bloody SunHowever if you, like me, already have a level 40 character or more, or you don’t phsyically have the time or patience required to work through on your own. Maybe you are looking to improve your skills and gameplay in Warhammer to make for a more enjoyable and successful experience. Information you can’t find just anywhere with truly invaluable tips, tricks and strategies you can use from day 1 or day 31. If any of this fits for you, firstly you should look at my guide reviews and recommendations. Some of the info in these guides is worth its weight in gold (i wouldn’t be without it now).

Overall these guides will be of use to any Warhammer Online player but I urge you to read my reviews and consider your goals and reasons before you buy any of them.


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