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Prima Warhammer Guide Review

Warhammer Prima Guide BookWAR Empire SymbolWarhammer Online Guide Name: Prima Games Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Guide

Rating: Rating 3 out of 5

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WAR Empire SymbolWhat Does the Prima Warhammer Guide Contain:

Prima Games Guide is more of a database reference guide than specific leveling or mastery guide. Previously I would have advised you steer well clear of this guide due to its physical nature i.e. you actually get a book from a shop and not through download. Due to the constant evolving nature of MMO’s a static book/guide is pretty useless. However since they started offering a down-loadable e-version which receives regular updates I had to take another look.

Prima Games Warhammer Guide Includes:

  • A Detailed Quest Reference Guide
  • All Areas, Chapters, Quests and Tiers Covered
  • Detailed Maps and Screenshots of Points of Interest
  • Loot, Item and Equipment Tables
  • A Class and Career Guide
  • RvR & Scenario Tips and Strategies
  • Guide Updates (you have to pay for 2 years updates)
  • Free 24 Hr Support

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WAR Empire SymbolMy Thoughts:

The Prima Warhammer Guide (downloadable version) is a much better entity than its physical predecessors. As you would expect from Prima, the guide is superbly written, beautiful to look at, expertly lay out and researched from start to finish. The e-guide is now updated whenever the arrival of new patches and content requires. On the downside you have to pay for subscription to get the updates, which really sucks.

On to the content. Prima’s effort is still more of a database of Warhammer information than a strategy guide, the quest section, while detailed and expansive is not there to speed you through in the fastest possible time and is little more than a reference point for each and every quest. To be honest you don’t get much more than your Tome of Knowledge already gives you and I really didn’t gain much benefit from it.

The detailed maps and screenshots of points of interest are also very nice and well executed but really nothing more than you can find by simply searching Google.

The loot, item and equipment tables may sound useful but offer little in the way of actual usable content other than wading through pages and pages of loot tables.

There‚Äôs also a chapter about classes and archetypes which covers really silly basics on what healer, DPS and tank roles are. Such as a healer healer and a damage dealer does damage. However on the flip side their career specifics and comparisons are very useful. It shows you a comparison of morale abilities, tactics, mastery paths and the pro’s and con’s of each class or career. This information is very useful and helps understand other classes and opponents, while helping you decide on your preferred mastery path. Be warned though, this information is not unique and can be found free online or with a bit of actual in game experience.

Orc Choppa

There is and RvR and Scenario tips and strategies section (which is detailed as put together by RvR experts). Don’t get me wrong, some of the information in here is excellent and essential to most WAR players out there. However some of it is too basic, only suited to beginners and would be picked up by all in their first few hours of RvR or Scenarios. I do really like the more expert sections of the guide but just wish there was a heap load more of it.

Prima Games also offer a few other Warhammer guides. The Atlas Guide for example details the maps of every area: every zone, every instance, every RvR area, and every keep is represented, with map-specific strategy and tips. The RvR maps have neat ambush points, choke points, and areas of interest, as well as maps and strategies for all dungeon and lair bosses. Although a very good reference point with valuable RvR and boss tactics I really think this should just be part of the original guide. Due to the fact you can get most of the maps, lairs and boss encounters online I can’t recommend the Atlas Guide as a viable purchase, however if they included it with the regular strategy guide as a bonus the whole package more appealing and comprehensive.

Another offering from Prima Games is a Liars and Dungeon strategy guide Click Here to take a look at their free sample. You will see the guide is beautifully written and laid out, the class and group sections are a little standard, but the Lair walk-through sections are very well done and easy to follow, even the Boss info and guidelines are useful. The main guide is not like this, as I said before, more like a reference book. Again if this was included in the standard package as a bonus with the Prima Warhammer Guide would be well worth a look. As it currently stands I can’t give it my full recommendation.

Overall if you’re are looking the fastest 1-40 guide, and nothing more, then the Prima Warhammer Guide is definitely not for you. You should take a look at my “Fantom’s WAR Guide” review.

The same goes if you’re are looking for an expansive and comprehensive guide to Warhammer, covering all the many different aspects of WAR. Unfortunately while the Prima WAR Guide is detailed and Expansive, too much of the information will either not be used or is too basic for all but beginners. You would be much better equipped if you went with Goblin’s, Ashling’s or Killers Guide. But make sure you read my reviews first.



exactly where you need to go, who you need to talk to, what quests to do and not

to do, what to kill, and what items to get and how many you need


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