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Penn’s WAR Guide Review

penns-order-ebookWAR Empire SymbolWarhammer Leveling Guide Name: Penn’s Warhammer 1-40 Leveling Guide

Rating: Rating 2 out of 5

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WAR Empire SymbolWhat Does Penn’s Warhammer Guide Contain:

Penn’s Warhammer 1-40 Leveling Guide is pretty much just that; A leveling guide, nothing more and to be honest a bit less than what you would expect from a leveling guide. There are some tips and advice on PQ’s and scenarios but these are nothing more than you would pick up just playing Warhammer in the 1st few hours yourself. Here’s what you get:

  • Order and Destruction 1-40 Leveling and Quest Guide (costs more for both Order and Destruction together and the guides are not complete to 40 yet)
  • All Areas, Chapters and Tiers Covered (not finished)
  • Maps, co-ordinates and screenshots
  • Life Time Free Guide Updates (not very regular)
  • Limited Customer Support

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WAR Empire SymbolMy Thoughts:

Penn’s Warhhamer Guide is quite simple to use. They help you along with a step-by-step leveling and quest path. All the NPC quest givers are listed for each chapter and area, the quest locations are detailed on each map via sequential numbers givDwarfing you one of the fastest routes and quest completion order for any given zone (you can level to 40 in about 6-8 days using Penn’s Guide). Included in the leveling and questing path are prompts to ensure you keep taking part in scenarios and Public Quests for extra experience, renown and equipment gain. However these little extras offer nothing at all in strategies and are just “do this for experience” type statements. Take a look at a sample of Penn’s Warhammer Guide here.(PDF)

Overall the quest and leveling paths are well designed and efficient enough to speed you through Warhammer Online without the grind. But, and this is a huge “BUT”, they are not even finished and way too expensive considering what you get when compared to the other cheaper guides available.

First off the Destruction 1-40 Guide only has a leveling path of 1-38 at time of writing, and Order stands even worse only running through to level 30. Not impressive at all, and even less-so when you consider the Order and Destruction guides are sold separately for $37.95, or you can buy both together for a whopping $49.95. And it is not the fastest 1-40 guide as claimed, Fantom’s holds that title.

In it’s current state I do not recommend you buy Penn’s Warhammer Guide, not when there are much better, more detailed, more comprehensive and cheaper guides readily available.

My personal opinion is to steer clear of this guide for now.

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