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Free Warhamer Leveling Guide

Bloody SunHi, my name is Lee, welcome to my free Warhammer  leveling guide, tips and strategies.  I’ve been playing games day-in and day-out since the late 80’s. I’m a gamer through and through, it must be in my blood (or something like that), I just seem to pick any up any game in any genre lightning fast. So much so, that when I was younger, my friends often called me the “gamesmaster”, very sad but unfortunately very true.

I have been playing Warhammer ever since the game was in the beta stages. I’m a collectors edition customer and, as soon as the game was released, I hit the ground running, playing constantly every day. I even took 2 weeks off work at release just to get some un-interrupted game time, and I’ve not taken much of a break since.  With all of that play time, I’ve learned a hell of lot about Warhammer, RvR, Scenarios and the Leveling process.

Like most people, I started playing the game with some close friends. We had a great laugh but as time went on and we played more and more, I started leaving some of my friends and guild mates behind, leveling far too quickly for them to keep up.

Dwarf ShieldAfter a while, it got to the point I was at level 40 and had left them way, way behind. They began nagging me to roll some alts to play with them again, I also had some more new friends starting WAR for the first time, wanting me to level with them, show them the ropes and let them catch up. So I did, rolling a Black Orc 1st, followed by a Sorc, and guess what, I out-leveled both my original friends and the new ones alike with both these alts. My friends quizzed me for some tips on my leveling speed. I began helping them out, sharing my very simple strategy with them, and I discovered something: although Warhammer is the easiest MMO leveling process I have experienced, due to the multitude and grind free ways to get XP (PQ’s, Quests, RvR, Scenarios), some people where having a tough time. It turns out there was so much to choose from they got a little scared, daunted and lost, pretty much sticking to questing in their pairing, PQ farming and not much else. This obviously reduced the fun element of WAR and settled into little more than a grind fest (like so many other MMO’s). However this is not the way to play Warhammer at all.

I did some research into what was available for WAR leveling and Strategy Guides. After looking at some of the well known “paid for” guides out there, boasting 5-7 days power leveling time with step-by-step routes etc. I thought “hang on a minute” I leveled my 1st toon in 7 days straight, right out the block, with no help or guide, just using a simple and easy process. Using the same process on subsequent times, my alts hit 40 in 5-6 days, while still keeping my Renown Rank within a couple of levels. Importantly I still took the time to enjoy Warhammer and all it’s aspects through tiers 1,2,3 and 4 not just following a guide from point A to B on auto-pilot.

Anyway enough waffling, I thought everyone should benefit from my tips and strategies in a free Warhammer guide. This is not a 1 to 40, point A to B, power-leveling guide, but effective strategies and tips that will keep your character well rounded, geared and ready for Tier 4, still ensuring you enjoy the great content Warhammer has to offer.


Free Warhammer Leveling Guide, Tips and Strategies

“Need to Know” Leveling Tips and Strategies

  • Whenever you arrive in a new chapter or warcamp, pick up EVERY quest, that means the Scenario and RvR quests when you can.
  • Use your Map, check the zone you’re in (make sure all the quests are being shown on your map tracker - check the map tracking box if not).
  • The quests markers will show as a red circle over the area the quest can be completed (mouse over these to give you a brief description on how to complete the quest – you can also click these to go direct to the full quest page)
  • Look for the nearest quest marker and assess the best clockwise or anti-clockwise route to complete all the quests one-by-one in a single pass, returning you back to the warcamp/chapter to pick up any follow-on quests. Then rinse and repeat.
  • As you are completing quests CONSTANTLY check your quest item bag and right click everything in there (you will be surprised at how many quests you will fail to complete by n0t checking your quest bag often enough)
  • If you get stuck on a quest and it is taking too much time, just move on, there is no shortage of quests or XP available. Do not waste your time and effort on long winded/difficult quests.
  • while you are traveling the map and doing quests, constantly join “all” Scenarios (this gives you great Exp and Renown gain but also teaches you RvR basics and helps prevent your character level moving too far ahead of your renown level – this will also give you neat gear and tokens for armor rewards later on, and prevent a large gap building between your character level and renown rank.
  • Take part in as much Open RvR as you can from Tier 2 as possible
  • PQ’s are not essential to the leveling process but are fun and give you some nice rewards, this mainly applies to tiers 1 and 2 because, as you hit tiers 3 and 4, the Renown Rewards are much greater and easier to obtain. This is because the time and effort taken to complete the PQ’s is not usually, a good return on investment.
  • If you come across a good party doing PQ’s, join in, because the experience and loot rewards can be well worth your time (be aware that if you join a scenario whilst doing a PQ you will lose your contribution).
  • If you are at the top of your tier, there are no quests left in your pairing, and you are too low level to move to the next tier. Get to the nearest flight master and move to another pairing with a high level PvE camp close to the flight master. Pick up all the quests and repeat the process as above.
  • Don’t concern yourself too much with gear and items until tier 4. Just by actively taking part in scenarios and RvR you will get many world drops, keep siege rewards and RvR Influence rewards for each Tier. Just enjoy your time and the gear will come.

TIP: The Greenskin and dwarf Zones currently give you more exp rewards for questing completion etc than any other pairing. So if you ever get really stuck gaining exp move there. (e.g. quests in Tier 4 Elf pairings give about 11-15k max where as in Greenskin it’s more like 16-20k)

Bloody SunTier 1 Specific Leveling Tips and Strategies

As soon as you hit the ground at level 1 you should:

  1. Join All Scenarios from the minute you spawn (this will give you a great start)
  2. Pick up every quest in your camp or starting area, go to the nearest, then complete them all in one circular pass back to camp
  3. Continue to re-join the Scenario queue as soon as you have finished one – at all times
  4. If you get stuck on a quest, move on (remember to right click all items in your quest bag 1st)
  5. Take part in the PQ’s on your quest path, the loot rewards, experience and influence rewards are very nice and not time consuming to obtain.

Tip: Start leveling your trade skills early and keep building them with you as you level

Dwarf ShieldTier 2 Specific Leveling Tips and Strategies

Similar to above, you should:

  1. Join all Scenarios repeatedly
  2. Pick up every quest in your camp, complete the nearest quest, moving through them all in one circular pass back round to camp
  3. As you near the zone warcamp start to dabble in some Open RvR, especially getting used to keep seiges and open RvR warband mechanics. (Successful RvR can be very rewarding for enjoyment and experience, renown, influence and gear rewards)
  4. Be careful wasting time on any tough PQ’s or quests etc, if you are not getting a decent return on your time do something else.

Tip: You should find a pretty good guild by this point, utilise the guild scrolls and crafting goods from the guild hall

Bloody SunTier 3 Specific Leveling Tips and Strategies

  1. Rinse and repeat the 360 degree quest completion pattern you should now be used to.
  2. Join up to all Scenarios constantly (you are welcome to leave the queue on any you don’t like – I do).
  3. By now you should be taking much more of an active RvR role. You need to be taking part in keep sieges, objective taking, and getting more practice with the zone locking mechanic. This will reward you loads of Exp, renown, and influence, more tokens and hopefully some Devastator Set pieces.
  4. Be careful wasting too much time on any tough PQ’s or quests etc, if you are not getting a decent return on your time move to something else.

Tip: Keep using the guild merchant to help level your crafting skills

Dwarf ShieldTier 4 Leveling Tips and Strategies

You have a choice here. Unless you can get a decent pre-made scenario party for Tier 4 Scenario’s you will most likely have an unpleasant experience. Number 1 because the level and gear difference between 40 and below makes a substantial power gap, and 2, your opponent will  most likely be running pre-made parties anyway. So you can either concentrate on doing the quest collection and completion method while substituting the repeated scenarios with more and more RvR . Alternatively you can just continue doing everything (if you can cope with some set backs:P). Personally, I do scenarios, but only if I have 2 or more friends with me, whilst continuing to quest and participate in lots of RvR.

Bloody SunTip: Easy Tier 4 PQ’s I Use To Get Ruin Set Pieces

You can do these at 35+, they have at least a 1 in 3 gold bag drop. You can do both of these Public Quests easily with 2-3 players (you will need a healer of course). They are classed as “medium” difficulty.

Zone: Dragonwake

Public Quest: The Caladain Steppe, Co-ords 46,48


Caladain Steppe PQ Location

Click To Enlarge

Zone: Thunder Mountain

Public Quest: Ruins of Mingol Kurdak, Co-ords 60,50


Mingol Kurdak PQ Location

Click To Enlarge

I hope you find my Free Warhammer Leveling Guide useful. If you have any comments or tips and strategies you would like to share please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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