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Fantom’s WAR Guide Review

fantom-book-mediumBloody SunWarhammer Online Guide Name: Fantom’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide

Rating: Rating 3 out of 5

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Note: Fantom’s World Warhammer Guide Is No Longer Available For Download

Bloody SunWhat Does Fantom’s Guide Contain:

Fantom’s Guide boasts the fastest known 1-40 leveling path ever devised. It is superbly well written by an experienced team of gamers. It is purposely designed to get you 1 to 40 almost on auto-pilot in under 3 days. The guide is delivered to you via instant download, through a first class members area with 24hr unlimited customer support and, soon to include, complete 1-40 video guide.

Fantom’s WAR Guide Includes:

  • The Fastest Ever Order and Destruction 1-40 Leveling Guide
  • All Areas, Chapters and Tiers Covered
  • Step-by-Step Maps, co-ordinates, screenshots and Links
  • Life Time Regular Free Guide Updates
  • Free 24 Hr Support, Members Area, Video Guide

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Bloody SunMy Thoughts:

Fantom’s Warhammer Guide is, in my opinion, the best 1-40 leveling only guide available today. Unfortunately it is simply just a PvE “leveling only” guide, absolutely nothing more, apart from a (soon to be) video of the whole guide. Anyway, more of the “leveling only” thing later.

Firstly I don’t want you to look away until I can tell you how good of a 1-40 leveling guide this is. It is the single fastest way you can get to 40 known so far in Warhammer Online. This is not just a Warhammer quest reference list, similar to Killer guides or Prima Guides quest sections, no, it is the “2 Days 11 Hours” record holder for leveling 1 to 4o in WAR. No other guide has even got close to this time yet, or, if they have, they aren’t telling anyone about it.

To be fair the only guide that really competes on the “leveling” front is Ashling’s, which is written in a similar easy to follow, step-by-step manner. However, Fantom’s WAR guide has been extensively researched and designed specifically for one task: To level you 1-40 in the single fastest time possible. It drip-feeds you, step-by-step exactly where you need to go, who you need to talk to, what quests to do andOrc Choppa not to do, what to kill, and what items to get and how many you need. All in the fastest known order to do so. You will never get lost and your progress will never falter. Take a look at a sample here.

Be warned though, it is PvE only, no RvR participation along the way. No RvR or Scenario guides, no gold, class, renown, equipment or mastery guides or strategies. Nothing extra than the superb leveling guide and the soon to be added “Complete 1-40 Video Guide”. Which is a real shame because the guide is written by 3 experienced professional gamers, which really shines through in the quality of the guide and content. This is obviously not suited to anyone wanting more than a leveling guide, or wanting to enjoy leveling through Warhammer’s rich content and world, which is really worth seeing and playing. The guide doesn’t give deeper insight in all aspects of Warhammer online other than the fastest leveling path. And is why Fantom’s Guide currently scores a rating of 3/5.

Of course this guide is absolutely perfect for those of you out there who are seriously short on gaming time, or for those veterans who need to get another alt to 40 without delay. Basically, anyone who is solely looking for the fastest 1-40 way possible, this is for you. No need to look anywhere else because you will not find faster way 1 to 40 than Fantom’s Warhammer Guide, period! You also get 24 hour customer support, constant updates and leveling strategies included.

Before you buy I would give my free Warhammer guide a test run 1st and see how you go. It should be all you need for a fun, grind free 1-40 leveling path in less than 6 days, without missing the best WAR has to offer.


Note: Fantom’s World Warhammer Guide Is No Longer Available For Download


exactly where you need to go, who you need to talk to, what quests to do and not

to do, what to kill, and what items to get and how many you need


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