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Ashling’s WAR Guide Review

Ashling's Warhammer GuideDwarf ShieldWarhammer Leveling Guide Name: Ashlings’ World: Warhammer Leveling Guide (now called FTW guides)

Rating: Rating 4 out of 5

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Dwarf ShieldWhat Does Ashling’s (FTW) Guide Contain:

If you take the top package for $44.99 (the only real viable purchase) you get a pretty decent selection of guides over and above just leveling, including RvR and Scenarios Guide, a career builds guide and a beginners crafting guide. All The guides are well written, have a nice look and feel, and delivered to you via instant download with free lifetime updates and 24hr customer support. Specifically Ashlings Warhammer Guide Includes:

  • Order and Destruction 1-40 step-by-Step Leveling and Quest Guide
  • All Areas, Chapters and Tiers Covered
  • Basic RvR Guide and Scenario Guides
  • Beginners Crafting Guide
  • Career Build Guide
  • Maps, co-ordinates and screenshots
  • Life Time Free Guide Updates
  • Free 24 Hr Support

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Dwarf ShieldMy Thoughts:

Ashling’s Warhammer Online Guide is arguably one of the best leveling 1-40 guides. I say that because it is written by 3 experienced MMO players who evidently know their games and gamers. The described leveling paths are very easy to follow, well written and embedded with tips and tricks dropped in exactly when and where you need them. Tips like what PQ’s to do in what chapter, and hints on potential danger or wipe scenarios. All difficult to find item locations and quests are detailed with co-ordinates and map markings so you never get lost or slow your progress. Take a look at a sample of Ashlings Warhammer Guide here.

The guide does try to encourage you take part in RvR and Scenarios to help you level faster, build renown, gain items and learn the RvR aspect of WAR (which is where the game excels and is massive, crazy fun). Personally, if you have come to play on Warhammer you should always be highly active in scenarios and RvR, if you have come to level 1-40 and PvE you would be better suited elsewhere as this is a strong PvP game.

IronbreakerWith the top package from Ashling’s you get a nice RvR and scenario Guide included. The RvR guide is quite basic but is well worth a read, especially if your new to WAR or PvP. There are some nice tactics and strategies you can implement immediately. Ashling’s World also gives you the RvR warcamp quest guide, I don’t find this particularly useful as the open RvR quests are very straight forward. The scenarios section is a good read for most inexperienced WAR players, giving “how to play” advice and descriptions on all the Warhammer scenarios and their mechanics.

Another nice bonus is the Career Builds Guide, it provides you with some standard and interesting RvR class mastery builds for every Career in the game. Very useful for new WAR players or people having trouble adjusting to their class or RvR in general, especially with the links to build and skills included. I’m not saying they are the best and most varied builds available but everyone should be able to make use of something on offer.

Finally onto the Beginners Crafting Guide. This crafting guide is quite basic but functional, and will basically help any beginners to WAR or MMO’s in general get started and level their chosen trade-skill without much trouble. It’s not as detailed as others I have read but as it’s a free bonus it is very useful.

Although this is a touch expensive it is a top Warhammer leveling guide, the leading benefit being Ashling’s well written 1-40 well written, grind free, highly detailed and easy to follow leveling guide. If you are looking for a superb, easy to follow guide 1 through 40 you will not be disappointed, and the bonus RvR, Scenario, Career and Crafting guides are supremely useful additions to any Warhammer Fans’ arsenal. However if you are looking for a more comprehensive guide to all aspects of WAR check out my Goblin Guide or Killer Guides reviews.

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