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Warhammer Online Guide Center

Bloody SunWelcome to my Warhammer Online Review Center. I have reviewed all the top Warhammer Online Guides giving them a rating out of 5, issuing Orc Choppasawards on the guides for Fastest 1-40 Guide, Best Value Guide, Most Comprehensive Guide, Ultimate Gold Making Guide, Best RvR and Scenario Guide and my Overall Winner. I have also placed all the guides into an easy to use comparison table so you can easily compare the benefits of each each package.

I am a massive gamer and big fan of Warhammer online: Age of Reckoning. Being a Collectors Edition customer myself and playing since Beta I have a pretty deep understanding and love of WAR. RvR has given me more superlative multi-player gaming moments than anything I have played before and has been a joy to play in from the start.

However a lot of my server friends seem to be struggling to level while enjoy all the excellent content Warhammer has to offer. Regularly complaining about having to grind mobs and Public Quests for EXP just to progress through the levels. This was a bit of a puzzler for me as this MMO is one of, if not, the easiest, most fun and completely grind free leveling paths of any MMORPG I have played to date (and I’ve played quite a few).

Bloody SunBut, amazingly, I was finding there were a significant number of people who were having trouble getting to level 40 without having to grind. After a few tells it become obvious people where not playing every aspect of the game as intended, leaving massive chunks of the best gameplay out until “later” or when their confidence built. This was obviously stunting their level gain, making leveling a relentless grind and causing problems when moving to RvR and renown gain. In order to help both my realm and friends progress, I began sharing my simple but highly effective Warhammer tactics and strategies to my fellow players. These tactics work for any career, on any side and still allow you to enjoy Warhammer as intended but level your character and renown in 5-6 days .  If you would like to now my secret to leveling fast, enjoying the game and all its parts, all without any grind, and all for free then check out my FREE guides in the right hand column.

I started to see a lot of leveling guides hitting the shelves, and I didn’t understand the need for many of these. Especially since the majority only offered a 1-40 leveling time of 6-10 days even though they boasted point A-to-B step-by-step routes.

However as my characters in WAR grew in ever larger numbers (3 max 40’s plus a host of toons in other tiers) I wanted to seriously save some of my time (well the girlfriend did anyway) and get my new characters through the levels in the quickest way possible, I wanted easy gold making strategies and didn’t want to keep searching for all the lairs, bosses, crafting ingredients and equipment locations, etc, etc for ever and a day.

Bloody SunSo I started using and reviewing the numerous Warhammer Online Leveling Guide Packages and Downloads out there, looking for anything worthwhile I could use within WAR. It turns out, quite suprisingly, some of them have a bucket load of invaluable tools and information I have come to swear by. Obviously there are some stinkers out there, some are not as good as each other, some are outdated but some are truly first class and worthy in any Warhammer collection. So I started putting some of my realm mates onto the quality guides I had found and learned about through my expansicve research. They have been bugging me ever since to get something down in writing for any Warhammer Online players out there looking for some help.

Considering I had done already all this work and research already I thought “what the hell” and put together this site for my fellow Warhammer Online players.

I hope find this site and the research I have done useful.


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